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IPA? No way!

Greenbrew – now with extra motor oil.

IPA? No way! Transcript

This is a transcript of the April 27, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green approaches Blue, who is in the foreground.

Blue: Hello and welcome to the Riverside Plaza Pub.

Green: Hi, can I get a bear? What’s on tap?

Panel Two

Blue checks her menu on the smartphone.

Blue: We sell artisanal, seasonal, locally brewed IPAs here.

Green: Sounds fancy! What do you recommend?

Panel Three

Blue calmly explains her recommended IPA.

Blue: Well, we have our own Riverside Plaza Runoff IPA, brewed right next door, actually. It’s $13 a pint.

Panel Four

Green storms off in an annoyed manner.

Green: $13? I’ll go ferment my own goddamn grain.

Blue: Wait, are we still roleplaying?

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