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True Freedom

You’re free to to do what you want as long as it figures into what is planned for you.

True Freedom Transcript

The following is a transcript for this RGBots comic.

Panel One

Red, talking over a flashback: “So I told Blue that I thought the show was just a bunch of pretentious drivel. And she said…”

Blue (in the flashback): “Go fuck yourself.”

Panel Two

Red, continuing: “We haven’t talked since.”

Green, to Red: “Now, you see, that shouldn’t even matter to either of you.”

Panel Three

Green puts his hands on his hips.

Green: “The truth is that there’s nothing in life you need to enjoy or not enjoy. True freedom is being able to recognize that.”

Panel Four

Red: “Well, Green, what are you doing with your freedom?”

Green: “I’m going to get groceries later.”

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